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Rediscovering Kantha

Kantha is an extensive work of embroidery art which originated from West Bengal, India. Kantha stitches embody beautiful patterns of flowers, animals, birds and geometrical shapes, as well as themes from everyday activities. It is one of the most versatile embroideries and you will notice it not only on sarees, dupattas  and suits but also on cushions, quilts and curtains.
But in case you are thinking Kantha embroidery looks good only with ethnic wear, here are some ideas on how you can use your traditional Kantha wear to give your outfits a trendy look!
Five Interesting Ways To Wear Kantha
#1 Use Kantha dupatta as a shrug
Wondering what to do with Kantha dupattas lying in your wardrobe? Wear them as a shrug over your top and make your own fashion statement!

You can also accessorize the Kantha Shrug with a belt as shown in the picture below. Just right for your brunch look!

Check out beautiful Tussar Silk Kantha dupattas at Kraftberry here!

#2 Drape kantha dupatta as a scarf
This one is easy …

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